Services & Clientele


St. Onge & Associates project manages the civil and structural engineering for a diverse clientele in the commercial, residential, industrial and institutional sectors. Clients have learned to come us to with their most challenging projects, typically with budget constraints attached. In response to their needs, we have consistently broken new ground in building design and construction (See In the News). Our services include:

  • Assembling complete engineering project teams
  • Value-added structural evaluations of all types of existing buildings, including analysis of options for retrofit and enhancement
  • Soft Story Building permitting and retrofit to seismic resistance standards (now mandated by the cities of San Francisco and Berkeley; requirements vary in other Bay Area cities)
  • Grading, drainage, water and sewer design
  • Serving as an expert witness in structural failure claims
  • Bid review and assistance in the selection of general contractors
  • Construction change order review and assistance in negotiations
  • Sustainable design to LEED certification specs (we designed the first Platinum LEED-certified residence and the first LEED-certified hotels in the State of California)
  • Seismic resistance design for custom homes (we were first in the world to provide performance-based design in this field)
  • Soft soils design and construction (expedited by our patented Lateral Resistance Device)

Our clients typically require the following types of projects:


  • Condominium / apartment buildings,
    5-200 units
  • Residential / mixed-use buildings
  • Custom-designed single family homes
  • Urban infill housing
  • Podium construction
  • Senior housing communities

  • Low- to mid-rise buildings (new core & shell) using all structural materials (steel, concrete, masonry, timber) as well as pre-cast concrete and factory-
    built modules
  • Support systems for industrial machinery and equipment
  • Schools and Places of Worship
  • Non-profit & social services projects